Hair care. Pure source of style. It's not an accessory; it's your identity.

The way you treat your hair - how you cut it, style it, care for it - helps communicate who you are.

Prices vary as we have new talent, advanced stylists and master stylists.

New guests will be requested to provide a $100 deposit when booking their appointment. 24 hrs notice is required for cancellations and to qualify for a full deposit refund. Details in our Cancellation Policy.


Ladies, Men

Starting at 45/35

Styling, Upstyling

Starting at 30/60

Hair Extensions

Price upon consultation.


AVEDA color is 96 to 99 percent organic. From placement to shade to hue, our color is customized in order to make it truly yours.

Solid Color, Foils

Starting at 110/120

Texture Wave

Starting at 125

Hair Spa with Style, Glossing

Starting at 60/110

Creative Color

Balayage, ombre, color melting.
Starting at 150

Corrective Color

Starting at 150

Costs of above services are best estimated upon consultation. Please book in for a complimentary consultation ahead of time if you would like a more accurate price.


Application, Lessons