Brio Salon is looking for men and women to be hair models for upcoming BRIO events.

Model Call FAQs

Are models compensated?

Compensation comes in the form of a complimentary haircolor, cut and/or style experience, unless stated otherwise.

Do I have a say in what will be done with my hair?

Models will be informed of the general details of the look being created and models can decide whether or not they would like to participate.

How are models selected?

Models will be contacted by email at least one week prior to the event. Models will be selected based on their openness to receiving the specific look as well as their availability to participate.

What kind of events does BRIO host?

Models may be used at advanced hair cut, color and styling classes, as well as photo shoots and local events.

Download a Model Form

Further inquiries? Please feel free to contact us at 403-327-9197.